Carbon Brush

Carbon Brush Manufacturer Supplier Exporter

A carbon brush is a sliding contact used to transmit electrical current from a static to a rotating part, in a motor or generator, and as regards DC machines, ensure a spark-free commutation.



Thermocouple Manufacturer Supplier Exporter

A Thermocouple is a sensor used to measure temperature. Thermocouples consist of two wire legs made from different metals. The wires legs are welded together at one end, creating a junction. This junction is where the temperature is measured.


Graphite Crucible

Graphite Crucible Manufacturer Supplier Exporter

A crucible is a container that can withstand very high temperatures and is used for metal, glass, and pigment production as well as a number of modern laboratory processes.


Flexible Copper Connectors

Flexible Copper Connectors Manufacturer Supplier Exporter

Flexible copper connectors are used in transmitting current across conducting mediums.